135 ft


So we all know Sarah right? The dynamic go getter that she is, We're sure she's inspired you all over the last few months with her drive to raise money for Sparks.

So a week before she left, in one of our rare moments of quiet whilst sat eating waffles and drinking tea in Unity Five Towers we had an idea, let's track Sarah as she climbs Kilmanjaro. Easy right ?

It will let all her friends and family see where she is, we'll all get regular updates and hopefully drive some more people to her "Just Giving" site.

So here we are 7 days later, the site is live, it's updating Sarahs Twitter feed and mapping her progress, here's how it all works.


  • Sarahs iPhone tracks her current location from a constellation of 30 Navstar satellites orbiting over 12,000 miles above.
  • We threw together an iPhone app for Sarah which reads her current location and allows her to add a message
  • Dependant on what sort of phone coverage she's getting the message with location data is sent via the internet or as a text message
  • Our server in London receives the message almost instantly and decodes the location and message information.
  • We check her co-ordinates against highly accurate map sources to get an accurate fix on her altitude.
  • The update is posted to the Where is Sarah" website, with a map pin and her latest message.
  • Our system updates Sarahs Twitter feed within a couple of seconds of her pressing send.


Hope you all enjoy watching her progress, if you think YOU could use this why not drop us an email at hello@unity5.com , we're always up for a challenge.

We're off to sleep now.... oh but it's waffle time first of course.